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  • So, you can probably guess what came with the post today~. I seriously had to bury my face in my pillow because this scene gave me so many feeeeeeels and I couldn’t stop smiling for like, 5 minutes. This is so adorable! There are so many Puzzleshipping moments in this volume ( Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Vol. 10), it’s not even real. I think there’s more Puzzleshipping in the manga than in the series, duh, I finally figured it out. Damn, mangas are so addicting! ASDfjslfjsd. 

    And I know, my webcam totally ruined the quality. STUPID WEBCAM.

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      THIS SCENE IN THE MANGA, my fucking God, like… I think I had to shut the volume and scream internally and then open it...
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      PUZZLESHIPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
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